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7 Benefits of Mulch for My Garden

Mulch can instantly give your landscaping a finished appearance, but this garden staple can do more than just improve your Houston home’s curb appeal. When used properly, mulch can provide many other benefits to your landscaping and complement your Houston sprinkler system.

1. Improves Soil Composition

Wood mulch and mulch made from organic material feed the soil as they break down. Insects and microbes feed on the mulch, adding organic matter back into the soil. As the mulch breaks down, it helps improve soil fertility and may make some micronutrients more readily available to plants.

Mulch made from organic material can also encourage earthworms to make a home in your soil. Earthworms add nutrients to the soil and help improve soil structure.

2. Helps Maintain Soil Moisture

Mulch helps reduce water evaporation on the soil surface, allowing the soil to retain moisture and feed thirsty plants. Mulch helps prevent crusting, which improves the absorption of water. It can also improve clay soil structure and help sandy soil hold onto moisture.

In times of drought, mulch and irrigation can work hand-in-hand to keep your landscaping looking its best.

3. Acts as an Insulator

Mulch is an excellent insulator and helps regulate soil temperature to keep roots warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The insulating effect is especially beneficial in the winter to prevent freezing and thawing, which can lead to frost heaving.

In the spring, the insulated soil will be warmer and ready for planting earlier than bare soil.

4. Reduces Weed Growth

Who wants to spend their weekends weeding the lawn? Mulch can help reduce weed growth, saving you time, energy and frustration. A 2”-3” layer of mulch works best to keep weeds at bay by blocking sunlight and growth.

5. Keeps Plants Clean and Healthy

Soil contains vital nutrients for plant roots, but it can hinder plant growth and health if left on plant leaves and flowers.

Mulch helps create a barrier between the plant and soil, keeping the plant off of the ground. It also prevents soil from splashing onto leaves, which can contribute to plant diseases.

Overall, mulch contributes to healthier plant growth because it hinders weed growth, helps soil retain moisture and helps regulate soil temperature.

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